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AAHA Accredited

What our AAHA accreditation means to you and your best friend

How often do you think veterinary hospitals are inspected by the State of Ohio for cleanliness, safety and even level of veterinary medical care your pet receives?

It may shock you to know that most veterinary hospitals have not been inspected for years! In fact our hospital has not been inspected by the State of Ohio in the past 12 years. Could you imagine going to a hospital that has not been inspected for years? Neither can we!

Fortunately, for our patients we have always been committed to providing the very best medical care we can. We take pride in having a modern well equipped hospital where patient safety and comfort comes first. While we think most veterinarians do try their best, what they perceive as the best may not be what you think is the best.

Several years ago, we decided we wanted to be able to ensure our clients that their best friend was truly in safe and caring hands getting the highest quality care possible. We applied to become accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, an international organization known for setting the standard of excellence in veterinary medicine.

The accreditation process involves being inspected in over 900 areas of veterinary medicine!

These areas range from how we anesthetize our patients, treat them when sick, treat them when healthy to even how we clean our kennels. We passed with flying colors.

We are very proud that all our hard work through the years has been recognized and that we truly offer our patients the best care possible.

We will continue to be inspected every three years, and we will be expected to meet those previous 900 standards, plus the newest standards introduced. We do this not because we have to, but because we want to.Our goal is to provide our patients with the best care everyday.

At Austinburg Veterinary Clinic you can rest assured that the care your pet receives will always be the best.

You will never have to question what goes on behind closed doors, we will glady open our doors to you. We are very proud of our excellent facilities and staff and will be happy to give you a guided tour.

Here are some of our AAHA Results: