Pet’s Helping Pet’s Fund

At Austinburg Veterinary Clinic we understand that sometimes bad things happen to good pet owners and their pets. We have established a fund to help out in those situations where one of our clients is just unable to financially afford the care their pet needs at that time. This fund is for current patients of Austinburg Veterinary Clinic only.

Just a couple examples of cases we have helped.

  •  An elderly gentleman who was a long time client was having a hard time affording the medications his pets needed, we used fund from PHP, to pay for those medications.
  • A young dog of another long time client needed lifesaving intestinal surgery. We used funds from PHP to cover the costs of his hospital stay and medications.

We fundraise throughout the year for this fund and greatly appreciate the donations, as do the owners of the animals we help.


A happy recipient of PHP funds.

A happy recipient of PHP funds.






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