Pet Wellness Plans Made Easy

It seems wellness plans are all the rage now in veterinary medicine. But what is being touted as the latest and greatest innovation by some practices is old hat for us!

We started offering wellness plans when we first opened in 1999. In those days, we only offered our Healthy Puppy and Healthy Kitten Programs, and they have always been a very popular way to get new family members off on the right paw. A few years ago we started offering adult wellness packages, we found these to be a great idea, but they were cumbersome and sometimes confusing for our clients to manage.

So never one to sit on our laurels,we kept searching for a way to make the plans easier to manage for our clients. A couple months ago we found it!!

We are so excited that now you can take advantage of Partners in Wellness, a convenient program that bundles wellness visits for your pet into affordable monthly payments.

This web based program allows you to manage your program and see what has been used in your plan, or what you have left. It’s a very user friendly program and makes managing your pet’s wellness plan a snap.

This year-long wellness care program includes visits that we recommend for preventive care, including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Screenings and treatments
  • Even Reduced exam fees so it’s more affordable to bring in your pet anytime you are concerned!

Partners in Wellness is a wellness program, not insurance. In other words, accidental injuries and illness are not included but can be added by purchasing a separate pet insurance policy. Take a look at Purina Care or Embrace, they are two very popular insurance plans.

To give your pet the best wellness care—and to give yourself peace of mind, please call our office or visit today!

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