Free Vaccines for Life Program


 We believe it is important for every pet to have a Preventive Care Examination at least once per year. So we have created a program to make it easier for clients who feel the same way.

FREE vaccinations for the life of your pet!

Listed below are some of the main points of the program.  Please call us with additional questions.

 How does the program work?

It is simple.  You pay an initial enrollment fee for each pet and then bring them in yearly for a wellness exam.  Any core vaccines the doctors determine your pet should have are free of charge.

 What are the core vaccines?

The core vaccines for dogs are the Distemper/Parvo booster and Rabies.

The core vaccinations for cats are the Distemper/upper respiratory booster and Rabies.

The Leukemia vaccine for cats and Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Lyme vaccine for dogs are not included in this program because they are not considered to be core vaccines by AAHA or The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. They are still important for many pets that are at risk so they will be discounted by 50% for pets enrolled in the program.

Will they get vaccines every year?

It depends.  Each pet will have a full physical exam and we will discuss with you which vaccines your pet needs.  Not all vaccines are given on a yearly basis.  If a pet is in poor health or has a condition that prohibits the use of vaccines, our doctors may delay or not give vaccines.

Will they need a Preventive Care Examination every year even if they are not due for any vaccines?

Yes.  To stay enrolled in the program, all pets need to have a yearly Preventive Care Examination. The exam needs to be performed at Austinburg Veterinary Clinic.  It is not valid if the exam is done at another clinic.

What if we are late for our wellness visit?

We will give you a grace period of 30 days after the month your pet is due for their wellness exam.  We will remind you before the month your pet is due, during the month your pet is due, and twice during the grace period.  If you are more than 31 days after your wellness month, you will have to re-enroll your pet to continue in the program. We reserve the right to stop enrollment at any time and to change the enrollment fee.


What if I move or my pet dies?

We are sorry but the program is not transferable to other clinics or pets and there are no refunds available.

How much does it cost?

Please call the office for the current enrollment fee. The enrollment fee will cover the core vaccine costs for the life of your pet.  You will be responsible for a yearly wellness exam fee when vaccines are given.

What if I want to wait until next year to enroll?

We are accepting new enrollments until December 31st, 2013.  At that time we will re-evaluate the program and decide if we will continue to offer new enrollments.  Pets that are already enrolled and maintain their yearly wellness visit will stay enrolled for their lifetime.

Why are we offering this program now?

The most important reason is, we want to focus on what is truly important to us and to our clients, and that is preventive medicine. The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is something we truly believe in. The vaccinations are an important part of that, but the Preventive Care Exam is the most important part. The yearly Preventive Care Physical Exam allows us to keep your pet healthy, because it, along with Wellness Blood Screenings, will uncover very subtle problems BEFORE they become larger, more costly problems.

Unfortunately, we often see diseases that have progressed to the point where costly treatment, or even euthanasia, is the best option in regards to quality of life. Often, the owner is caught off guard by their pet’s illness. They wish they had known sooner. It is true that, if we can detect the very early signs of disease or malfunction we can provide your pet with a better (and longer) quality of life by making small changes to their lifestyle or starting  treatment sooner before signs occur.

Secondly, we appreciate and want to reward our loyal clients who are already taking great care of their pets.

The Fine Print

Please do not rely solely on your courtesy booster reminders, as Austinburg Veterinary Clinic cannot be held responsible for its non-arrival at your address. To make it easier for you to keep track of when your pet is due for the yearly Preventive Care Exam or any vaccine, you can sign up for our free ePet health account on our website at  This Site is very user friendly and is a valuable tool in maintaining your pet’s health. Please check it out!

Free Vaccines 4 Life is per pet, not per client. If you have multiple pets, you may enroll each one of them, provided you pay an enrollment fee for each pet.

Free Vaccines 4 Life enrollment fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other pets or owners.

Other services and products received or purchased at the time of the vet exam/visit are NOT free and are at an additional cost to the Wellness Physical Exam fee. These additional costs include services and products such as “non-core” vaccinations (such as Bordetella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, Feline Leukemia, and melanoma), medications, heartworm tests, fecal examinations, de-worming, flea treatments, heartworm prevention and feline leukemia/FIV tests.


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