Austinburg Veterinary Clinic Feral/Stray Cat Program for Ashtabula County

Feral cats are the offspring of either feral or domesticated cats that were not handled by people as kittens, and cannot be tamed, touched or handled as adults. If they are not spayed or neutered, they end up creating more and more cats.Exponentially over 7 years, a single mating pair of cats and their offspring can create 420,000 cats. That is a lot of cats. In Ashtabula County, you can add barn cats,strays and drop off cats to this equation as well. You can see how quickly this problem can overwhelm a communities resources.

As veterinarians wanting to make a difference, Austinburg Veterinary Clinic offers a feral/stray cat neuter and spay program. We understand that many of our clients just want to help and do the right thing, and so do we.

The program provides greatly discounted spays, neuters and vaccinations for strays and feral cats. This program is not based on family income,like pet-fix, and will be partially funded by donations through our Pets Helping Pets Fund.

Since this program is aimed at strays and ferals,all cats that are sterilized will have their left ear tipped. This allows the cats to be identified as already sterilized from a distance, and to prevent recapture, transportation, anesthetization and potential surgery on previously sterilized cats. This form of identification is used all over the United States. It is purely cosmetic and does not have any long term ill effects on the cats.

If you have trapped a cat, please call the office, we will make every effort to fit the cat into our surgery schedule as soon as possible, but additional boarding charges may apply.

Costs will be as Follow:

Female Cats:Physical exam (when possible),spay, pain control,ear tipping, 1yr Rabies vaccination,$85

Male Cats: Physical exam (when possible),neuter, pain control, ear tipping, 1yr Rabies vaccination,$65

We are performing these procedures as a community service project, we recommend Feline AIDS and Leukemia testing, FVRCP vaccination and Revolution for all cats, but this is at the owners discretion and will be in addition to the above fees. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for any additional services.


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